So you’d like to know more about me? My name is Shannon Yourczek and I’m the Founder/Owner of Flyczek Wraps. How do you pronounce that again? Fly-Check Wraps. Honestly I’ve been off and on with my workout path during my entire life. Like most people, my workout days were based on my drive to get better for someone else. Until it hit me, why not do it truly for myself and along the way help others.

In June 2013, I was involved in a car accident. Thankfully I only had minor injuries. One of those injuries would involve physical therapy for a couple months. This took a toll on my workouts. But with extra time available I decided to start helping others by creating custom wrist wraps. I started of course by looking to see what was out there. You know scout the competition.

I created a simple Facebook post and started small. Started off just talking with people I knew from the box. Went out got a sewing machine and started to design a more efficient set of wraps. I tried several different types of materials. Who knew there were so many combinations of cotton? Finally I’ve concluded that a cotton canvas is the best investment to give athletes quality wraps.

Thabout photoere have been some hick-ups along the way.

In 2013, I enlisted into the Florida Air Guard. This enlistment affected the company in a major way.

I had to put a lot of trust on a few close friends to take care of things while I left for 8.5 weeks in 2014. I was completely shutoff of social media and communications were slim to none. Thankfully, they successfully managed to take the company and give updates via snail mail along the way.

In 2015, I left again for additional training and had to put the company in a slow production phase. Again leaning on others to complete orders and run things while I was away. Once I returned to Jacksonville, Florida I kicked things into full gear. Completing custom orders and sending wraps everywhere! We even were able to complete custom orders for local Crossfit box and support fundraisers up in Canada!

Then came deployment orders. I knew there wouldn’t be anyway to run a business while I was gone and didn’t have a large enough company to set up staff before I left. So inventory went to stock only and no custom orders were being excepted.

In 2016, I returned from deployment and relocated back to my hometown in Alabama. Currently the website is being rebuilt and inventory is being stocked! Lots of ideas and not enough minions to produce.

So for now we are trying to kick things off again and with your support of small business we can get back into full production.

Our wraps are not cut by machine, they are not manufactured overseas and our logo slapped on them, they are created by hand, cut by hand and as you can tell the business is even ran by what I’m told now a Veteran. Such an honor to have that title now. It’s a humbling title to except.

Bare with me, we will have things up and running on the site soon, so that you can continue to do great things in the gym. They can be used forĀ  lifting weights, kettle bells, yoga or just lifting heavy objects at home or work.

Flyczek Wraps will give you the support your wrist need and will keep you in the game longer.



Thank you for your support!

Shannon Yourczek


Flyczek Wraps